junio 2, 2017

Barcelona El-Prat Airport already has two Virtual Hostesses

The T1 and T2 terminals of Barcelona El-Prat airport have since this month of June with virtual hostesses. Located at the entrance of the security control, its function is to welcome the thousands of passengers who pass by every day and remind them of the rules paid to speed up their passage to the boarding area.

Aena and Eulen have opted for the Virtual Hostess of Cubensis Project to join their security team. In five different languages ​​(Catalan, English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian) wearing the official uniform and after welcoming travelers with a smile, the basic rules regarding hand luggage, fluid restrictions, electronic devices and weapons.

The purpose of this interactive installation is twofold: to speed up the passage through the security control of the airport and, on the other hand, to give an innovative and futuristic image to one of the most transited airports in Europe.

The Barcelona airport hostesses have been designed, built and custom-built so that you can join the Eulen safety team. If you want more information about the Virtual Hostesses of Cubensis Project click here




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